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CDT was formed by Andy Ward and Luke Bridges to resolve the problem of moisture in minerals and aggregate waste that limits recycling potential within the construction industry.

CDT mobile dryers enable construction sites to recycle a much greater fraction of material from civil engineering operations, which in turn reduces transport and disposal costs and CO2 output.  

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This is a new technology and so if you would like to take part in a trial please contact the helpdesk on:

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The Directors of CDT have more than 30 years experience in the Waste Industry with detailed knowledge of the Highways and Utilities businesses.

Andy and Luke have worked together for the last 10 years and have collaborated on a number of projects leading to the formation of Combined Drier Technology Ltd.

The combination of Andy’s practical understanding of the recycling business, plant and equipment coupled with Luke's extensive knowledge of environmental legislation, permitting, EMS, software development and environmental science, has led to a formidable team. 

Both directors have designed and commissioned comprehensive recycling technologies in industry and it was this common interest that resulted in the concept of the mobile drying of waste and materials. ‘Why wash it when you can dry it’ became a strapline that resulted in the prototype dryer launched by CDT in 2017.  

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